Our Brands

At Maple, we curate our brands based on extensive research on product efficacy and brand mission. There are thousands of skincare brands but these are the ones that we feel confident supporting and know you'll love.

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AAVRANI honors beauty and celebrates duality by uniting worlds: clinically-proven, modern-day routine and ancient, all-natural rituals.

Why We Love: Female founded, POC owned, Vegan, Clinically proven, Sustainable, Small business, Cruelty-free

Activist Skincare

is about being true to your beliefs, prioritizing self care, finding inspiration in your fellow earthlings, They are dedicated to using their platform to amplify diverse change-makers, and dedicating 5% of every purchase to the environment.

Why We Love: Female founded, Vegan, Sustainable, Small business, Cruelty-free

Algenist® Skincare | Innovative, Effective Skincare‎

Born from an Ingredient Discovery. 10 Day Results, No BS. Safe, Clean, Vegan Skincare Formulas.

Why We Love: Cruelty-Free, Clinically Proven, Vegan, Sustainable 

Apoterra Skincare - Holistic Skin Care - Modern Apothecary

Apoterra means "derived from the earth". Apoterra believes that nature is powerful and wise and science is a tool to better understand nature, but does not dictate it. 

Why We Love: Vegan, Cruelty-free, Female founded, Sustainable, Small Business

CLE Cosmetics: Minimal Cosmetics and Skincare
Each product within the Cle line is designed to promote a sense of ritual and to support the contemporary womxn with self-care basics as they pursue the fullest expression of their personal power and sensuality.


Why We Love: Female founded, POC owned, Vegan, Cruelty-Free

Plant Based Beauty | organic skincare

A one-woman, home-operated small business based out of Chicago, inspired by a holistic approach to health & wellness. All of its products are made with organic, good-for-you, superfood ingredients derived from nature.

 Why We Love: Female founded, Sustainable, Organic, Vegan, Small business, Cruelty-free

REN Clean Skincare | Sustainable Products | Cosmetify

Clean Skincare, since 2000. REN uses ingredients that work with your skin, without causing irritation. Ingredients your skin would choose, from sustainable sources and sustainably packaged.

Why We Love: Sustainable, Cruelty-free, Clinically proven


We appreciate your patience while we streamline the process with other brands. For the ones below, just send us a copy of your receipt (hello@try-maple.com) and we will Venmo you. 


Farmacy Skincare - Natural, Clean Skincare

Farmacy Beauty uses cutting-edge science to harness the healing powers of ingredients found in nature. The result is farm-to-face skincare that lives up to its full potency and potential through clean, thoughtful formulas. 

Why We Love: Cruelty-Free, Clinically Proven, Sustainable

Fresh, Natural high-end care - Perfumes & Cosmetics - LVMH

By combining potent natural ingredients, ancient rituals, and modern science, fresh creates beauty products that are both efficient and indulgent. 

GLAMGLOW Logo Download - AI - All Vector Logo

Glamglow is known for products that gets you camera-ready fast. Hollywood A-Listers love this quick backstage fix.  

Jillian Dempsey – jilliandempsey

With a non-negotiable insistence on organic, naturally derived ingredients that are vegan and cruelty-free, and a commitment to not further cluttering an already abundant market, the Jillian Dempsey line is sophisticated, high-performance, and effortless.

Why We Love: Vegan, Cruelty-Free, Female founded

Sunday Riley I Always Clean, Always Cruelty-Free, Sustainable Skincare
Bold formulations, innovative technology, instant results - that's what Sunday Riley stands for. Every product reflects Sunday's belief that in order for results to count, they have to be visible and fast. 

Why We Love: Clinically Proven, Cruelty-Free, Female Founded 

Supergoop – SHERBER+RAD

Known as the Experts in SPF. Supergoop continues to invest in newer, better ways to bring sunscreen to life with formulas that completely change the game.

Why We Love: Vegan, Cruelty-Free, Female founded

Youth To The People Receives Minority Investment from Sandbridge Capital  and Carisa Janes | Business Wire

Skincare products created with the planet in mind. We only have one world to protect.

Why We Love: Cruelty-Free, Vegan, Sustainable, Clinically Proven