The future of beauty CAN be sustainable, and It's easier than you think

The future of beauty CAN be sustainable, and It's easier than you think

 The skincare graveyard. We know it. We love it. We hate it. That one (if you're organized) drawer of Sephora samples and Ulta impulses. It’s crazy to think that the average woman will waste tens of thousands of dollars in her lifetime on skincare products she’ll never use. The moisturizers we save for winter because “it doesn't suit my skin type now...but maybe when it's cold out!” The mini sunscreens we never take to the beach, the sample shampoos left unopened (because let’s face it - we steal extras from hotels), the serum we’ll need in five years for wrinkles, the toner that makes our face feel like plastic wrap, its ENOUGH.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but that skincare graveyard will never become your go-to, on-the-go, product haven. You have 3 products you like. That’s it. And that’s okay, you don’t need to use up every bottle of life changing vitamin c serum you buy...but maybe stop purchasing products you're unsure about. We waste more plastic than we would ever need because of these graveyards and the forgotten samples of IPSY and BirchBox past. This is why at Maple, sustainability is one of our key values. Maple was founded on the principle that we don’t have to waste in order to get our best skin. 

One of the core values at Maple is sustainability so that we can better our shopping processes and streamline the products we purchase to decrease waste. We believe in a future where we don’t create unnecessary waste by simply having an opportunity to try the product first. We want skincare enthusiasts to be intentional with their purchases, encouraging a more responsible and sustainable lifestyle. We believe you can avoid wasting money and products by first sampling with trial sizes before you fully commit to the full sized product. 

At Maple we know every skin type is unique, and so is every skincare purchase. Maple wants to help you get your best skin by getting to know your skin. How are you going to choose the right products if you don’t even know what is right for you? That is why we have developed a comprehensive skincare quiz to help you figure out what samples are perfect for your unique, individual, and beautiful skin. This creates less guess work for purchasing skincare products and allows you to save time, money, and product/packaging from being wasted. Sustainable beauty has become increasingly more important to brands in recent years as concerns of the environment and climate change have become extremely prevalent. What does sustainability entail? Focusing on more than the ingredients that go into products but also the packing and shipping materials used, and knowing how to properly recycle your old/used skincare bottles. With other skincare sampling websites you are given products that are chosen for you and oftentimes not right for your skin which causes the products (even if you recycle them) to not be able to be recycled because of the amount of leftover product. Save money, waste less, and get more out of your skincare products by using Maple. 

We are hoping to continue a conversation about sustainability and how to better the beauty industry by eliminating skin care graveyards, and would love you to join in on the conversation. We believe you can have amazing skin without spending too much or creating waste.